Breanne Hart-Ruhl

Program Facilitator

Breanne joins the M Power team as a co-facilitator and assistant program designer. Breanne is a full-time elementary school teacher and loves working with youth. Her kind and gentle nature is ideal for working with youth and ensuring they feel comfortable, accepted, and safe.

Breanne is committed to improving the world around her through mindful practice, taking on new challenges to help her grow as an individual, and dedicating her time to meaningful organizations and events.

In addition to working as a teacher and as a M Power facilitator, Breanne is a dedicated jiu jitsu practitioner. She serves as a strong female figure in her community and is an ideal member of the M Power program team


Mira Bamji

Youth Co-Facilitator

Mira is the socially savvy eighth grader who has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the middle school world. She can relate to other girls and the issues they are facing. This includes the challenges of peer and family relationships, academic worries, developing self-confidence, managing social media and maintaining good physical health.

Mira jumped at the chance to be involved with this initiative due to her strong belief that peer mentoring and honest conversation is a crucial part of developing the foundation on which girls grow and develop lifelong skills. Mira is excited to be devoting her time to this valuable program.

In addition to her spending time developing the M Power program, Mira loves spending her time on the mats practicing her Brazilian jiu jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing skills, cross country running and doing art projects.