The Body Positive has been leading the charge when it comes to learning to love your body since 1996. It’s not just a living plan based on intuitive listening, but it’s rather an entire mindset shift. It is helping people create an environment around them that helps them create a life of purpose and resilience without being distracted by worry and stress related to maintaining unrealistic body expectations. .

Body Positive helps us to manage the often energy-consuming critical thoughts that affect how we think of our bodies and abilities. These critical thoughts often stem from fear.

Understanding that your body has the innate wisdom to know exactly what it needs is key to letting go of what society is telling about what is “healthy and beautiful” and let your body guide you instead. It knows what it needs in terms of movement, nourishment, and rest. We just need to trust it again and open up our minds to what it has to say to us.

This program offers strategies to assist us in finding ourselves again, letting go of the negative self-talk, and accepting our bodies just as it is- flaws and all. In fact, we aren’t just learning to accept our bodies, we are learning to LOVE ourselves again.

The Body Positive includes discussions about:

  • Sizeism

  • Restrictive behaviours to meet a very narrow-minded definition of beauty and health

  • Setting your own healthy boundaries

  • How genetics are a huge influence in how our bodies look

  • What influences what we think about our bodies

  • A health-centric model of care versus a weight-centric model

  • Declaring your own beauty

  • Reclaiming the definition of health (goes well beyond the number on a scale)

  • Health at Every Size (H.A.E.S) concept

  • Self-compassion versus Self-esteem

  • How to build a Body Positive community around you

  • Learning to move, eat, and rest based on what your body is telling you

  • Letting go of “good” and “bad” foods

  • Re-writing our body stories (how we came to feel the way we do about our bodies)

  • Fear and critical thoughts

  • What self-care really means (it isn’t all about bubble baths)

The program offers a variety of programs, designed for elementary schools, middle school (grade 6-8), high school students, and adult (and college) learners.

A variety of teaching methods and tools are used in the Body Positive program. Each component includes:

  • Self-discovery worksheets

  • Group discussions

  • Mediation practices to help us dig deep into our thoughts

  • Peer-led learning

This valuable training is highly regarded amongst researchers and mental health practitioners. It is a true pleasure to be offering the program to those in our community.