Shannon Smith

Program Founder and Director 

When my oldest daughter, Mira, was about 7 years old, I began my search for a girls specific program to help develop Mira’s confidence and give her some life skills. I found the programs scarce and often the programs didn’t encompass all that I was looking for.

A few years later and Mira is facing the sometimes bewildering transition from early adolescence into the teen/young adult years. Social media has now crept into our daily conversations. Concerns around body image have surfaced and mental health has became a topic of discussion. Now, more than ever, Mira needs peer support and positive influences outside the home reinforce a healthy mindset.

My goal is to bring our girls together, in a safe environment, to have honest and influential discussions. This will assist in eroding away some of the barriers girls encounter in order to achieve unconditional self-love, acceptance and ultimately, happiness and success.

As a mother of three, I understand how important that the values I teach and demonstrate be reinforced daily through all social mediums. Maintaining a healthy work/life/social balance can be difficult and it can be just as difficult for our young ones.


“These girls teach me just as much as I teach them”

-Shannon Smith