Adult Programs

Our young people are very important to us and we have prided ourselves in making them a priority in our community. However, we recognize that adults are the guiding force for our youth. We need our grown ups to be just as confident, fulfilled, and healthy as our young people. Leading by example can only be done when we have the knowledge and ability to teach our young ones how to be advocates for their well being.

M Power has been working hard to increase adult programs that deliver the same valuable messages and experiences, in adult-appropriate workshops. Adults engage in learning very differently than young people. M Power’s extensive teaching experience in an adult learning environment has aided in the development of quality adult programs that are relevant, memorable, and invaluable when it comes to the health of our community.

Beautiful You: Adult edition

Date: TBD

Location: Creatively Beautiful Salon, 505A Guelph Street, Norval

Cost: $50

Ages: Adult

This workshop is a grown up version of our tween/teen beautiful you workshop. We will join the talented and award-winning makeup expert Caroline Buzzanga (CB) of Creatively Beautiful Salon. She will be teaching us the essentials of make up application, skincare, product knowledge. There are so many products out there and it’s hard to know what is appropriate and how to best utilize it.

CB has been our beauty guru and now she will be helping our adults to understand all things beauty.

Keeping our kids safe: Human Trafficking and Child exploitation

Date: October 2nd, 2019  6-7pm

Location: To Be Announced

Cost: Free

Tricia Sampson of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton has joined M Power girls program to bring this workshop to the engaged parents in our community.

During the M Power Kids Safety Session in July, human trafficking was a significant concern. It is a large topic to discuss and deserved an evening dedicated to openly learning about the warning signs of exploitation.

Join us for this free event.

Love yourself Workshop: Adult edition

Date: Sunday November 20th, 2019,  7-9pm

Location: Crystal Tree Yoga @ The Carriage House, 75 Mill Street

Cost: $20

Our Love Yourself Workshop is a favourite of ours. Warrior Wellness and M Power love providing adults with time to focus their energy on what THEY need. Our lives are busy and full of demands from others. Take the time to enjoy 2 hours of mediation, art, and connecting with others.

Body Positive: Adult edition

Date: December 8th, 2019, 12-6pm

Location: Devereaux House, Georgetown- 11494 Trafalgar Road, Georgetown

Cost: $40

Ages: Adults

The Body Positive program aims to help men, women, and youth to re-connect with their bodies and learn how to listen intuitively to what it needs. This means learning how to shut out unnecessary societal opinions about beauty and health standards in exchange for listening to our body’s wisdom.

We will learn the fundamentals of healthy living through intuitive eating, exercise, rest, and understanding what each of us needs is unique.

This will be a life changing workshop for those who battle with understanding what is health and how to achieve it.