School Programs

This shorter session is the perfect fit for a busy classroom or as a part of any other day long program.

We are more than happy to come and visit you during your lunch break. Good food and conversation often go hand in hand!

This program is completely customized to your group’s needs and timeline. We also provide a set package which consists of 7 x 45min-1 hour sessions.

Session 1: $45.00/participant 

Week 1: Who am I?

Week 2: Friendships

Week 3: Bullying

Week 4: Stress Management

Week 5: Saying No

Week 6: Intuitive Living

Week 7: Emotions

Session 2: $45.00/participant  ***Both session 1 and 2= $80/participant

Week 1: Unique You

Week 2: Physical Fitness

Week 3: Social Media

Week 4: Peer Pressure

Week 5: Nutrition

Week 6: Body Image

Week 7: Academic Stress

M Power currently serves several public schools in both Georgetown and surrounding communities. For more information, please contact us.

Any schools interested in a lunch and learn program, please contact us. This is an incredibly inclusive, cost-effective and convenient way in which to involve girls in the M Power program.


Our school program allows us to reach all the girls in our community despite family dynamics, external commitments, or financial circumstances.