Weekly Sessions

Weekly sessions allow a group of girls to gather and progress together through a wide range of activities involving numerous topics. This program aims to establish strong peer connections among participants. This will allow for very raw and honest experiences with one another during classroom discussions and activities. It will also allow us to expand our hands on experience portion of the program and travel offsite.

This program option does allow for a tremendous amount of personal development and growth. Concepts are reinforced weekly through the use of diverse teaching methods and introducing new experiences at a variety of locations in the community.

Each week consists of 30-45 minutes of discussion, 15-30 minutes of a group activity followed by an hour of crafts, games, and fun.

Age: 8-17 years

Cost: $350.00 ($310.00 before August 1st)

Location: M Power HQ- 47 Main Street South, Georgetown (lower level of Young’s Pharmacy)

Dates: Monday September 23rd- December 9th 2019 6-8 pm (10 weeks-No class Thanksgiving Monday or November 18th)

Preliminary Fall Schedule for 2019:
Week 1: Who am I?
Week 2: Body Image
Week 3: Nutrition
Week 4: Stress and Mental Health
Week 5: Social Media
Week 6: Financial Health
Week 7: Relationships
Week 8: Conflict Management
Week 9: Saying "no"- finding balance
Week 10: Mindfulness

*****After Session 2 we will be taking a break from the summer but beginning our weekly program again starting in the fall of 2019***** Dates will be posted soon.


Our girls connect and share with each other every single week. It’s these important connections that allow for growth and development.


We always love a good art project