Athlete Workshops

Having been a competitive, successful athlete since the age of 15, I have learned through trial and error how to balance competition, life demands, and my emotional and mental health. This is a delicate balance that can be challenging for young girls who are not only growing and maturing, but placing extra demands on their bodies.

We understand the tremendous benefits sports bring to young athletes- stress relief, friendship, understanding sportsmanship, dedication, and communication. With those benefits can come some additional concerns surrounding proper nutrition and rest, injuries, additional body image concerns and additional pressure to perform.

We have a wonderful support opportunity for young athletes to ensure that they can manage these challenges of sport as a young female.

Topics Available:

-Nutrition for athletes

-Female athlete triad

-Eating on the go

-Body image and sports

-Coping strategies for stress

-Injury management and growing pains

-Sleep and recovery

-Team building games and activities

-Athlete mindset

OFF Site (Private) Team rates are available as follows:

Team of less than 10 members: $15.00 per person

Team of more than 10 members: $10.00 per person

-Includes a 2 hour workshop, snacks, and travel time within the west end of the Greater Toronto Area.

-Additional hour is $5.00 per member

****Includes travel to and from your venue if venue is provided