Empowering girls for a brighter future. 



The world in which our girls are growing up is complex and riddled with ever evolving challenges. Although we, as parents, support and guide them the best we can, sometimes we need extra support. Reinforcing positive messages through peer interactions and other external influences is a proven effective way to help shape our child’s mindset and instill the healthy thought patterns needed to succeed in all areas of life.

Our program aims to nurture and develop the whole person- mind, body and spirit- as they transition from childhood through to young adulthood.

The M Power mission is to help develop the strongest, most irrepressible, self-loving and confident version of our girls that they can be. Giving them the tools they need to overcome, rather than be defeated, by adversity and set out to accomplish every single dream they possess.

Core values:

  1. Global awareness - We acknowledge the impact we have on the community as a whole and every decision we make includes consideration for the members of our society both on a local and a global level.

  2. Communication- Open communication between members, parents, facilitators, volunteers, and partners is crucial to ensuring that all goals are being met and that every involved constituent is given equal input into program development. It also ensures that any problems that arise can be addressed quickly and effectively. Communication between parents and the program developers will be encouraged and any concerns to be addressed in a timely manner.

  3. Equality- Each and every member of our program is created equally. Each person has a unique perspective due to life experience, training, and the lens in which they view the world. Everyone’s opinion is valued and to be considered without judgement.

  4. Inclusion- Each and every youth in our community will have access to the M Power program, regardless of economic status, family challenges, or other barriers to access. M Power will work to the best of their ability to include every youth member who wishes to join the program.


Our vision is to provide every girl within our reach with an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand her horizons through the help of her community. We hope to accomplish this by providing a wide array of program choices that will serve her best.

We will work with the others in the community who share our values and vision to bring every possible experience to her, rather than her having to seek it out on her own.

Find a sense of self, because with that you can do anything
— Angelina Jolie